State of the Website – Feb. 21, 2019

Hello Muertistas!

Seeing as how I haven’t updated this site in almost a year, I thought I’d take this time to touch base with all my readers. In fact, I actually have a LOT of readers, which is very surprising seeing as how I:

a. Have never publicized this website,

b. Have no real homepage to speak of,


c. Have not done any maintenance or updates to the website.

I have hundreds, yes – HUNDREDS – of messages in my inbox, a vast majority of them asking for help or guidance with Santa Muerte, and I have not answered a single one in many, many, months.

For this, I feel truly upset.

Let me back up a bit though, and let you guys understand where I am coming from, since there is a living, breathing, human being behind this website.

I first started this website as a tribute to Santa Muerte. How, when, why, and where she came into my life I am not ready to divulge yet. However, I will say that she blessed me and changed my life in a BIG way.

As I continued to do more research on her as well has how she has traditionally worshipped, I became more and more in tune with my relationship with Her. I spoke with her; she spoke with me. I knew that for whatever reason, I had a calling to spread Her word as far and as long as possible.

She gave to me and gave to me and gave to me, and I also returned the favor. However, as of recently I have not been as devoted to Her as I should be, and this I am going to fix immediately.

My holy Mother, who I entrust and dedicate my life to, thank you for continuing to bless me in my everyday life, thank you for protecting me and guiding me and watching over me and my every decision, for I know that it is You that has blessed me with this most fortunate of circumstances. Holy Mother I praise you and I love you with all of my heart. Holy Mother I close my eyes and pray to you, as a humbled man, as your servant, and I ask you to continue to bless me so graciously and wonderfully. In Your name, Mother, I ask for your continued blessing. Amen.

The beautiful part about this is, she has never, not for one second, left my side. She has remained in my life and continued to grant me all that I have ever asked of her. She has continued to guide me on the right path and oversee my life. She has continued to always be there for me, and accepting me as one of her own devoted kin. For this, I shall forever be devoted to her.

It is the middle of February, 2019. In this month, I shall continue to develop this shrine to OUR Holy Mother, Santisima Muerte. I’d like to share with my fellow brothers and sisters some of the plans that I have forth coming, in detail. If you’ve read this far, thank you! If you’ve sent me correspondence before, and I have not replied, thank you so much for your patience and I PROMISE that I will reply to you here shortly.

In fact, that is the first order of business that I am going to tackle. I am going to respond and reply to each and every e-mail that I have received, first off. It is not fair that people are asking questions and not receiving answers. This was the whole point of the website: The creation of a space to unite followers and provide devotees the information they need to have Santa Muerte in their life.

In fact I myself am so hungry for this that I have actually, since starting this website, moved to Los Angeles, California, in order to be around more devotees.

My next order of business is updating a few of the articles, fixing any broken links, and doing some general site maintenance. I would also LOVE to update the beginners guide that I worked feverishly on.

After that, I will continue to add more and more articles. I feel like this is an important aspect of the site, and one that will drive people to Santa Muerte once they experience firsthand her awesome powers.

All of this is great stuff, and I’m very excited to talk about it. Unfortunately, I am not a perfect person, and I too have a LOT of shortcomings, one of which is actually crucial to the development of this website.


I am absolutely TERRIBLE at photography. I truly dislike taking pictures. So I am asking you, my fellow Muertistas, if you have any photography that you would like to see featured on this website, please send them to me at This includes pictures of other worshippers, pictures of your altar, pictures of statues of Santa Muerte – basically anything related to Her is fair game. I’ll of course give you credit or link your social media handle if you’d like.

Finally, I have the prayer wall. I’ve wanted this since the inception of the website, and even tried to learn how to code it myself, but I’m going to be completely honest with myself, you, and Her. There is no way I’m going to learn how to code it.

I will NOT let this stop us from enjoying the prayer wall. The concept that I have for it is a digital wall where people may post what they are asking for as far as prayers – as well as a duration – and people can respond whether they prayed or not, what they said, etc. It’s a little hard to explain but trust me, it will be awesome.

I have fortunately connected with a developer located in Indonesia that is down for the cause – Praised is Santa Muerte for connecting him with me! He will be working on this prayer wall for us in between his semesters of schooling. Of course, I will be compensating him for his hard work but the fact that we have someone willing to help is a true blessing. I can’t wait to unveil this!

This post has gone on a bit longer than I had liked it to, but I think I’ve covered everything that I wanted to say.

Please feel free to message me anytime or drop a comment down below. Thanks so much for reading this and most of all thank you for letting Santa Muerte into your life.

May blessings rain down on you and may Santa Muerte guide you.